T-AP71 Car Tire Inflator


Compact and lightweight, the inflator is easy to carry and store in your car and is always available in an emergency.

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Color: Black
Material: ABS
Air Pressure Flow Rate: 70L/min
Display Type: Digital Display
Continuous Working Time: More than 20 minutes
Unit: Bar, Psi, Kpa, Kgf/Cm²
Cylinder Block: 19 cylinders
Product power: 80W
Charging voltage: 5V
Actual punch pressure: 150psi


The car air pump’s air pressure flow is up to 70L/min. This allows tires and other filling equipment to be quickly inflated to the required pressure in a short period of time.

Multi-purpose: Can be used as an air pump, charging power source, lighting function.

The car air pump will always work for more than 20 minutes to meet users’ long-term inflation needs. Users can complete long-term inflation tasks without worrying about the air pump being damaged by continuous operation.

The inflator is compact and lightweight, easy to carry and store in your car, and always available in case of an emergency.
The car air pump only takes 3-7 minutes to inflate your car tires (depending on the tire size).

The air pump has 4 modes: car/motorcycle/bicycle/ball and comes with 3 different nozzles. , It can also be used for air beds, boats, air cushions, basketball, volleyball and other ball sports.

Suitable for most small and medium-sized vehicles except SUV trucks.

Package included:

1 X Air Pump Host1
1 X TType C charging cable
1 X Instruction Manual
1 X French Valve
3 X Accessories Gas Nozzle
1 X Fuse
1 X Packing Box

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 3 in



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