Foursun JA02 20000mah 2500A Car Jump Starter with Air Compressor


Our car jump starters feature integrated LED emergency lights that provide necessary lighting or serve as a rescue signal in the event of a breakdown at night.

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Time to complete charging: About 6 hours
Current start: 1000A
Current park: 2500A
Air pump motor input: 12V/10A
Rated pressure :150 PSI
Rated flow: 50L/min
Operating temperature: -10℃~60℃
Protection function: Short circuit protection, overcharge protection and discharge protection
Lifespan: >1000 cycles


All in One Solution: Combining the power of a reliable car jump starter and an integrated air compressor, our products are ready to handle any road emergency. Whether it’s a dead battery or a flat tire, this device takes care of it.

High Pressure Air Compressor: With a rated pressure of 150PSI and a flow rate of 50L/min, this jump starter’s built-in air compressor has enough power to quickly and efficiently inflate car tires, sports balls, and other inflatable items. I have. No more carrying around multiple devices. Here’s a bulk solution.

Powerful Jump Start Feature: Our jump starter boasts 1000A starting current and 2500A peak current. This ensures that even in the coldest conditions or a fully discharged battery, your vehicle receives the boost it needs and comes to life again.

LED Emergency Lights: Roadside emergencies can occur at any time of the day or night. Our car jump starter is equipped with an integrated LED emergency light, providing the necessary illumination in case of a breakdown at night or as a signal for rescue. This versatile light can be a lifesaver in difficult situations.

Advanced safety protection: Safety is our top priority. This jump starter is designed with advanced protection mechanisms. Short circuit prevention ensures the safety of you and your vehicle. Additionally, it comes with overcharge protection to protect your jump starter or vehicle’s battery life. Discharge protection ensures optimal performance and longevity of the unit.

Compact and Sturdy Design: Despite its powerful features, this car jump starter is compact and can be easily stored in the trunk or glove box. Built tough to withstand road emergencies, it’s your reliable travel companion.

Package Includes:

1x Car Jump Starter
1x Clamp
1x Triple Power Cable
1x Inflatable Tube

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 2 in



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