Smart LED Screen Car Starting Emergency Power Supply for Ordinary Cars


This smart led screen car starting emergency power supply for ordinary cars is a versatile 3-in-1 solution, delivering 1800A current and compatible with all 12V ordinary cars models. It can be used for car emergencies.



Color: Black

Dimensions: 3.35 in x 1.38 in x 6.89 in

Weight: 3.69 lb

Output Voltage: 12V

Operating Temperature: -55°C ~ +85°C

Compatible Car Models: Ordinary Cars

Applicable Scenarios: Car Ignition Start, Emergency Lighting, etc.

Note: To ensure smooth and successful car startup, please ensure the power level is sufficient.

Dimensional Drawing:

Car Starting Emergency Power Supply Details:

Power Protection: DO Interface Prevents Reverse Connection of Positive and Negative Poles, Featuring Reverse Connection Holes for Added Safety. Easy and Safe Operation, Suitable for Beginners.  High-rate class a lithium cells, polymer lithium battery + smart IC, specifically designed for car starting. High-rate polymer lithium battery with low internal resistance, strong capacity, and high density, instantly releasing powerful current to start the vehicle.

Starts normally at -55°C, unafraid of extreme cold. High-performance polymer lithium battery cells resist temperatures from -55°C to 85°C, ensuring normal ignition even after the battery is turned off.

Smart LED screen, control battery levels anytime. Equipped with an LED display, showing real-time current and battery status.

Car Starting Emergency Power Supply Parameters:

Usage Steps:

01. Connect the ignition clip to the START power supply DO interface, and the red light will blink green.

02. Open the engine hood, connect the positive and negative terminals of the ignition clip to the positive and negative poles of the car battery respectively.

03. After successfully starting the car, immediately remove the starter power supply.

Note: Please make sure the intelligent clip is clamped to the positive pole of the car battery and the intelligent clip is clamped to the negative pole of the car battery. Reversing the connection may cause irreversible damage.


Additional information

Weight 3.69 lbs
Dimensions 3.35 × 1.38 × 6.89 in



1 pcs

Output Voltage

12 V

Compatible Car Models

Ordinary Cars


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