Car Starting Emergency Power Supply for 12V Diesel Engine Vans

This car starting emergency power supply for 12V diesel engine vans utilizes thick high-rate batteries, ensuring an instant and reliable start with a powerful current. Encased in a fire-resistant ABS shell, it guarantees safety and durability.

Car Starting Emergency Power Supply Features


0.1s Instant Start

Even a car with no battery can start immediately


Suitable for SUV Car Models

Supporting 12V gasoline engines


Emergency Lighting

High-brightness LED headlights


Digital Screen

Smart LED screen controls power at any time


High Temperature Explosion Proof

-55°C ~ +85°C


Not Afraid of the Cold

Anti-freeze batteries

Who We Are

Whether you’re on the crowded streets of a city or out on an adventure in the countryside, vehicle starting problems always happen at the most inopportune times. As an online sales store for car starting emergency power supplies, we are committed to providing safe and reliable solutions for your journey.

We offer 5 specifications and types of products to meet the needs of different vehicles and users.

After the car is completely powered off, simple wiring is all it takes to start the car. If your car battery is dead, you can easily fix it yourself. 

You can rest assured that our products will undergo strict inspection before shipment to ensure that we provide you with reliable start-up support at critical moments.

Smart LED Screen Car Starting Emergency Power Supply

This ordinary car smart LED screen car starting emergency power supply provides 1800A current and is compatible with all 12V ordinary car models. Can be used for car emergencies.

Power Protection

Help the car start

Emergency Lighting

Car Starting Emergency Power Supply

Applicable Models


Business Car

Small Truck

Pickup Trucks