MUDIRO M-AH21 Diesel Heater


Performance is critical and our parking heaters boast an outstanding combustion efficiency of ≥90%.

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Material: ABS plastic + metal
Display color: blue/black
Shell color: black and red
Operating voltage: DC12V
Rated current: 3A (starting current 10A-12A)
Maximum combustion power: 8KW
Fuel consumption: 0.16L-0.62L/h
Combustion efficiency: ≥90%
Operating noise: ≤75db
Exhaust temperature: 380℃
Temperature adjustment range: 8~36℃ adjustable
Overtemperature protection: ≥270℃
Air/oil ratio: 2300~5500rpm, 1.8hz~5.8hz
Remote control: timing function, preheating function, constant temperature control, overheating protection function
Applicable altitude: below 3200m above sea level
Lifespan: 3000 hours

Features remote control function:
1. Timer function: With Car Parking Heater’s advanced features, you don’t have to wait to heat your car in the cold. The timer feature allows you to specify when the heater should start, ensuring your car is warm and cozy by the time you get into the car.
2. Preheating function: Get the most comfortable driving experience even on cold days. The preheating feature allows you to warm up the interior of your vehicle before you start your trip, so you’ll feel comfortable as soon as you step inside.
3.Constant temperature control: Experience consistent warmth during your travels. The constant temperature control function maintains the desired temperature without fluctuations, creating a stable and comfortable environment inside the car.
4. Overheating prevention: Safety is our top priority. The Car Parking Heater is equipped with an overheat protection feature that automatically shuts off the heater if it detects a temperature above a safe level, ensuring the safety of your vehicle and occupants.

Excellent Combustion Efficiency: Performance matters and our Car Parking Heater boasts an outstanding combustion efficiency of ≥90%. This converts fuel into heat with minimal losses, ensuring maximum warmth to the vehicle while remaining energy efficient.

Strong heating ability: Car Parking Heater is not only about efficiency. Boasting a maximum combustion output of 8KW, it has the most powerful heating capacity on the market. Whether you have a compact or large vehicle, this heater promises to provide the warmth you need.

Easy Installation: Designed with the user in mind, the Car Parking Heater is easy to install. The package comes with all necessary parts and detailed installation instructions, making installation easy even for those with minimal technical knowledge.

Durable and reliable: Made of high-quality materials and cutting-edge technology, Car Parking Heater ensures a long service life. This is not a temporary item, it is a must-have for all your cold weather trips.

Package includes:
1 x host
1 x remote control
1 x air filter
1 x intake pipe
1 x exhaust pipe
1 x exhaust pipe
2 x mounting parts set
1 x silencer
2 x clamp
1 x bracket
3 x screw
1 x air vent
1 x user manual

1. Query machine status (keep short press of the “OK” key to switch one state at a time and display it in a loop)
Time display →ambient temperature display → setting temperature display (automatic temperature stabilizing) / setting oil mass display (manual temperature stabilizing) → supply voltage display →altitude display – historical fault code display – press the “OK” key to check

2.Fuel filling description manually
Under the OFF state, press the down-regulate and setting key simultaneously to conduct fuel filling manually, which displays HOF, after releasing, press again and it displays HON, the oil pump starts to work. You can hear the sound of the oil pump and the oil pump icon lights up. Press down to display HOF, exit fuel refill, the oil pump icon disappears. The process of line air evacuation shall be done under watch, when the oil re-aches the position of the oil inlet of the machine, it can be stopped. If is too much oil enters the machine, it will be black fog when igniting.

3.Description of temperature control mode switching
Press the up-regulation and “OK” key simultaneously to conduct temperature control mode switch. Manual temperature control (adjustment oil mass shows P-16, number represents the oil mass), automatic temperature control (adjustment temperature shows 25℃, number represents the temperature). The difference between the two ways of temperature control is that: in automatic mode, pump oil can re-ach the maximum upon parameter setting, when the machine heat is high, the manual pumping is limited to the current set value, which will not re-ach the maximum oil value set by the parameter. Plus, the gears are clearly shown, parts and components are equipped, very convenient for the old hands.

4. Description of Match Code by remote control
Under the OFF state, press Power and OK keys simultaneously in remote controller first, then remote control appears waiting for matching text, thence, keep long press of down adjustment keys of LCD panel. It shows HFR – enter the remote code match interface, upon success, automatically exit the interface, then, it shows normal working parameter. If the code match failed, it would not enter the normal state of displaying working parameters. The code match state will be automatically exited when it did not receive remote control code timeout.

Additional information

Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 8 × 20 in



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