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Smartstationonline is located in Sebastian, Florida, and is dedicated to selling car starting emergency power supplies.

Our vision is to provide practical and convenient emergency solutions for car owners who encounter difficulties in starting their vehicles.


Our car starting emergency power supply can provide you with emergency solutions, ensuring you can quickly restart your vehicle and continue to drive safely and smoothly in urgent situations. When your vehicle fails to start, it can be resolved in the shortest time and at minimal cost.


Often, due to factors like long periods of vehicle inactivity or extreme temperatures, negligent use of power, etc., cars can suddenly fail to start. In such moments, our car starting emergency power supply can come to your rescue. It offers robust power support, guaranteeing your vehicle restarts in the shortest time possible.


Furthermore, our car starting emergency power supply is portable, allowing you to use it anytime, anywhere. Whether you are on urban roads, remote areas, or traveling, simply carry this compact and efficient car starting emergency power supply, and you can overcome the various troubles caused by vehicle startup issues. It fills every one of your journeys with confidence and a sense of security.

Our Car Starting Emergency Power Supply's Features:

01. Suitable for 5 Types of Vehicles

They are suitable for 12V Gasoline SUVs, 12V Diesel Engine Vans, 12V Small Trucks, Ordinary Cars, and 6.0L Business Cars.

02. 0.1 Second Instant Start

Our car starting emergency power supplies are easy to operate, starting instantly in just 0.1 seconds. Even when your car’s battery is completely dead, it can start with a single press. 

03. 4 Emergency Lighting Modes

We have steady light, flashing light, SOS rescue light, and yellow-blue dual flashing lights, providing an additional sense of security on the road and preventing secondary accidents.

04. Start instantly at -65 ℃ ~ +85 ℃

Our car starting emergency power supplies can start instantly in temperatures ranging from -65°C to +85°C, they are suitable for every harsh conditions, even in extremely cold area and high temperature area.

05. Digital Output Anti-reverse Insertion Design

This design can automatically trigger an alert and prevent users from connecting the power source with reversed positive and negative poles, thereby avoiding damage to the equipment or potential safety hazards.

06.Provide A Smart Thickened Charging Clamp

Additionally, the smart thickened charging clamp, equipped with reverse connection protection, short circuit protection, over-discharge protection, over-current protection, and reverse charge protection, ensures not only the safety of your devices but also provides peace of mind during usage.

Additionally, when fully charged to 100% and left unused, our car starting emergency power supply can have a standby time of 180-300 days. Due to the optimal usage time for our car starting emergency power supply, which is approximately 30 seconds per use. Therefore, a single full charge allows for 250-300 uses, making it exceptionally durable.


Furthermore, our car starting emergency power supply features a smart large-screen display, providing clear and visible information. It enables you to monitor the remaining battery, output voltage, and current at any time.

Need Help?

We are committed to providing you with high-quality service and car starting emergency power supply.


If you have any questions or concerns about our car starting emergency power supply, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service staff, Sarenna Clopein, via email at [email protected] or call at +(1)(234) 683-2887.


We will reply to you within 24 hours to assist you and solve your problems. Thank you.

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