MUDIRO M-AH32 Diesel Heater


Featuring a preheat function that warms up the car’s interior before you start the engine, making you feel instantly comfortable from the moment you get in the car.

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Working voltage: DC12V
Rated current: 3A (starting current 10A-12A)
Maximum combustion capacity: 8KW
Fuel consumption: 0.16L~0.62L/h
Combustion efficiency: ≥90%
Operating noise: ≤75dB
Exhaust temperature: 380℃
Temperature adjustment range: 8~36℃ variable
Overtemperature protection: ≥270℃
Air oil ratio: 2300~5500rpm, 1.8Hz~5.8Hz
Remote control: timing function, preheating function, constant temperature control, overheating protection function
Applicable altitude: below 3200m above sea level
Usage life: 3000 hours


Maximum combustion power: The car parking heater has an impressive combustion power of 8KW. This makes cold starts in the morning a thing of the past and allows you to quickly warm up the interior of large vehicles.

Superior combustion efficiency: Efficiency is key in vehicle heating solutions. Our car parking heaters promise a combustion efficiency of ≥90%, making maximum use of fuel and ensuring maximum warmth.

Advanced remote control features:
1.Timing features: Plan ahead with sophisticated timing features. By setting the heater to start at a specific time, you can have a comfortably warm car when you’re ready.
2. Preheating function: No need to wait in the cold. The preheating function warms up the interior of your car before you start the engine, providing immediate comfort from the moment you get on board.
3. Constant temperature control: consistent heating. The constant temperature control function of the heater maintains constant warmth inside the car, regardless of external conditions, ensuring a comfortable driving environment.
4. Overheating protection: Safety first! If the heater detects a temperature above the safety standard, the overheating protection function will automatically shut down to ensure your safety and the safety of your vehicle.
5. Economical fuel efficiency: Using the heater won’t strain your finances. The fuel consumption of our car parking heaters is between 0.16L and 0.62L, making them a cost-effective solution for cold days and nights.

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Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 7 × 7 in



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