Car Starting Emergency Power Supply with Battery Display for 6.0L Business Car


This car starting emergency power supply with battery display for 6.0L business car can turn off the car and start it in one second, which can help you solve the problem quickly and bring you convenience.



Color: Red

Dimensions: 3.23 in x 1.38 in x 6.69 in

Weight: 3.68 lb

Output Voltage: 12V

Operating Temperature: -40°C ~ +85°C

Compatible Car Models: Business Car

Applicable Scenarios: Car Ignition Start, Emergency Lighting, etc.

Usage Steps: Connect the clamps, insert the clamps into the power start port, ensure the power level is above 85%; attach the clamps, connect the red clamp to the positive pole of the car battery, the black clamp to the negative pole, check if the clamps are securely attached; start the car inside, turn off electronic devices/air conditioning/headlights/stereo, then start the car; remove the clamps, detach the clamps after the startup is completed (recommended within 30 seconds).

Note: To ensure smooth and successful car startup, please ensure the power level is sufficient.

Dimensional Drawing:

Car Starting Emergency Power Supply Details:

Powerful output, capable of instantly starting large-displacement vehicles. Specifically designed for car startups, it features a high-capacity battery paired with a low-power 0.05mA static function, ensuring long-term standby without significant power loss.

High-brightness LED emergency light, with built-in LED long-range lighting/strobe/SOS rescue light functions.

Not afraid of extreme cold starts, equipped with high-performance polymer lithium batteries capable of operating at -40°C. It features intelligent power management IC, making it suitable for use in extremely cold regions in the north. Withstanding temperatures up to 85°C, even in summer when car interiors can reach 60 degrees Celsius, its high-quality build and wide adaptability make it a reliable companion for your vehicle.

Car Starting Emergency Power Supply Parameters:

Usage Steps:

01. Insert the clip into the power start port to ensure sufficient power supply.

02. Connect the red clip to the positive terminal of the car battery and the black clip to the negative terminal of the car battery.

03. Start the car from inside the vehicle.

04. After the car is started, remove the clips (recommended within 30 seconds).

Additional information

Weight 3.68 lbs
Dimensions 3.23 × 1.38 × 6.69 in



1 pcs

Output Voltage

12 V

Compatible Car Models

Business Car


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