12V Gasoline SUV Car Starting Emergency Power Supply


This 12V SUV car starting emergency power supply is capable of powerful engine startups and supports gasoline engines. It is designed to operate seamlessly in both high and low-temperature environments.



Color: Red

Dimensions: 3.35 in x 1.38 in x 7.29 in

Weight: 3.97 lb

Output Voltage: 12V

Operating Temperature: -55°C ~ +85°C

Compatible Car Models: SUVs (Supports gasoline engines, no limitation on displacement)

Applicable Scenarios: Car Emergency Start, Emergency Lighting, etc.

Note: To ensure smooth and successful car startup, please ensure the power level is sufficient.

Dimensional Drawing:


Car Starting Emergency Power Supply Details:

Wide Temperature Range, Reliable Performance: Starts instantly at -55°C, suitable for various harsh environments. Can be used in extremely cold areas down to -55°C and high-temperature environments up to +85°C.

Quick Operation, Instant Start in 0.1s: Instantly start the car even if the battery is completely dead. Simple wiring enables easy car ignition. Suitable for SUV car models, supporting 12V gasoline engines.

High-quality Polymer Lithium Battery: Equipped with A-grade new high-rate polymer battery cells, featuring four high-rate lithium polymer battery cells, offering strong output and can be used 300 times on a single charge.

Intelligent Clamp Reverse Connection Protection: Automatic alarm for positive and negative clamps being reversed, anti-reverse insertion design, and fivefold intelligent protection for the clamp. Protection features include short circuit protection (automatic cutoff when the positive and negative clamps are short-circuited), over-discharge protection (reminds when the power is too low, may damage the power supply if started again), reverse connection protection (automatic power cutoff when the positive and negative clamps are connected to the battery in reverse), overcurrent protection (reminds during high current startup), and reverse charging protection (prevents reverse charging to the power supply during high current car startup).

Bright LED Lighting: Upgraded high-power LED flashlight with multiple lighting modes. Long-press the power button to turn on/off; in steady state, single-click the power button for strobe mode; in strobe mode, single-click the power button for SOS signal.

Intelligent Battery Level Display: Smart digital display screen, clear after removing the protective film.

The battery can start the car instantly even if it’s completely dead, with a peak current of 6500A, enabling quick starts for large-displacement engines and various car models. For optimal performance, it’s recommended to ensure the power supply is fully charged before each start, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the startup process.

Car Starting Emergency Power Supply Parameters:

Usage Steps:

01. Connect the clamps, insert the clamps into the power start port, ensure the power level is above 80%.

02. Attach the clamps, connect the red clamp to the positive pole of the car battery, the black clamp to the negative pole, check if the clamps are securely attached.

03. Start the car inside, turn off electronic devices/air conditioning/headlights/stereo, then start the car.

04. Remove the clamps, detach the clamps after the startup is completed (recommended within 30 seconds).

Additional information

Weight 3.97 lbs
Dimensions 3.35 × 1.38 × 7.29 in



1 pcs

Output Voltage

12 V

Compatible Car Models



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