ABS Material Car Starting Emergency Power Supply for 12V Diesel Engine Vans


This car starting emergency power supply for 12V diesel engine vans utilizes thick high-rate batteries, ensuring an instant and reliable start with a powerful current. Encased in a fire-resistant ABS shell, it guarantees safety and durability. With an extended standby time, it serves as a convenient and dependable backup for your vehicle, providing robust and explosion-proof starting power.



Color: Black

Dimensions: 3.34 in x 1.58 in x 7.29 in

Weight: 3.94 lb

Output Voltage: 12V

Operating Temperature: -65°C ~ +85°C

Compatible Car Models: Diesel Engine Vans

Applicable Scenarios: Car Ignition Start, Emergency Lighting, etc.

Note: To ensure smooth and successful car startup, please ensure the power level is sufficient.

Dimensional Drawing:

Car Starting Emergency Power Supply Details:

Instantly starts diesel vans at 6.5L, ensuring powerful ignition with just one touch. Explosion-proof, anti-bulge, anti-heating, anti-leakage, the smart chip used can start the car smartly and safely in seconds, and the smart IC will not damage the battery or the car.

With emergency lighting at night, you can travel with confidence. Three switching modes (long-range, strobe, SOS mode) if your vans has a tire blowout or an accident late at night, you can use the SOS mode to prevent secondary accidents.

It can start instantly at minus 65°C and can easily cope with various harsh environments. -65℃, you can use it without fear of severe cold areas in the north; +85℃, you can use it with high quality without fear of high temperature in the car in summer.

Car Starting Emergency Power Supply Parameters:

Usage Steps:

01. Connect the clamps, insert the clamps into the power start port, ensure the power level is above 80%

02. Attach the clamps, connect the red clamp to the positive pole of the car battery, the black clamp to the negative pole, check if the clamps are securely attached.

03. Start the car inside, turn off electronic devices/air conditioning/headlights/stereo, then start the car.

04. Remove the clamps, detach the clamps after the startup is completed (recommended within 30 seconds).


Additional information

Weight 3.98 lbs
Dimensions 3.34 × 1.58 × 7.29 in



1 pcs

Output Voltage

12 V

Compatible Car Models

Diesel Engine Vans


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