MUDIRO  M-AH13 Diesel Heater


Has 8KW combustion power. This high power ensures the vehicle warms up quickly, providing comfort even in the coldest conditions.

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Working voltage: DC12V
Rated current: 3A (starting current 10A-12A)
Maximum combustion capacity: 8KW
Fuel consumption: 0.16L~0.62L/h
Combustion efficiency: ≥90%
Running noise: ≤75dB
Exhaust temperature: 380℃
Temperature adjustment range: adjustable from 8~36°C
Overtemperature protection: ≥270℃
Air-oil ratio: 2300~5500rpm, 1.8Hz~5.8Hz
Remote control: timing function, preheating function, constant temperature control, overheating protection function
applicable Altitude: Below 3200m above sea level
Usage Life: 3000 hours

Maximum Combustion Power – 8KW: Our car parking heater boasts an impressive 8KW combustion power. This high power ensures that the vehicle quickly warms up and provides a comfortable environment even in the coldest conditions. Whether your car is small or large, this heater is designed to provide maximum warmth efficiently.

Combustion efficiency: ≥90%: Efficiency is a feature of our heater. With a combustion efficiency of ≥90%, the car parking heater converts most of the fuel into heat, minimizing waste. This high efficiency not only provides optimal warmth, but also ensures economical operation.

Remote control function:
1.Timing function: No waiting time for cold cars. Activate the heater at the desired time to make the inside of your car warmer.
2. Heating function: This function makes the car interior warm before the engine starts. Perfect for cold mornings, ensuring instant comfort.
3. Constant Temperature Control: Our heater maintains a constant temperature to ensure a stable and comfortable environment inside your car.
4.Overheat Protection: Safety is our top priority. Built-in overheat protection automatically shuts off the heater when the temperature exceeds a safety threshold, ensuring your safety and vehicle protection.
5.Fuel consumption-0.16L-0.62L/hour: The car parking heater is powerful, efficient and economical. Fuel consumption from 0.16L to 0.62L ensures warmth.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 4 in



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