Foursun 18V 100W Portable Solar Panel


It adopts a unique independent support rod design to effectively avoid solar cell wear, extend the service life of solar panels, and ensure efficiency.

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1.【Portable, Foldable】

Foursun’s 100W solar panel is portable, foldable, and compact, weighing only 6.6 pounds. Folded size is 23*11.2*1.2 inches.

2.【Higher energy density】

Using adhesive stacked structure solar panels, the number of cells increases by 13%, and the power increases by 10-15W under the same area. The high-density design expands the cell’s light-receiving area and improves current collection capabilities, resulting in more power generation and higher efficiency.

3.【High quality low light performance】

The solar panels adopt a special series-parallel structure to reduce internal resistance. Compared with other solar panels, solar panels have smaller power loss and better power generation performance under similar shade conditions (such as cloudy days, mornings and nights). Suitable for high latitudes and shady areas.

4.【Independent support rod】

The solar panel adopts a unique independent support rod design to effectively avoid solar cell wear, extend the service life of the solar panel, and ensure efficiency. Traditional solar panels use integrated support poles. Every time a solar panel is installed, solar cells wear out, gradually reducing the efficiency of the solar panel.

5.【Carbon fiber surface】

Solar panels are not only portable and efficient, but also beautiful. Designed with a carbon fiber surface, it looks particularly beautiful in the sun.

6.【Use USB, Type-C and 18V ports simultaneously】

The solar panel splits the incoming solar energy into 4 ports while charging your devices. Featuring dual 5V/3A USB, 12V/3A Type-C and 18V DC outputs, you can enjoy a cordless lifestyle without relying on wall sockets or power banks to run your USB/Type-C/DC devices without worrying about them consuming power. All charges apply.


Solar cell conversion efficiency: ≥22%

Total solar panel output/W: ≥100W (composed of four 25W solar panels connected in series and parallel)

Solar panel open circuit voltage/V: 23

Solar panel operating voltage/V: 18

Solar panel operating current/A:>5.55

Product conversion rate/%: ≥85

Working temperature (℃): -20 – 60

Package includes:

1 X Foursun 100W Foldable Solar Charger

1 X Independent Support Rod

1 X Battery Charging Clip

1 X D C 5521 extension cable

1 X User Manual

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 12 × 2 in



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